The Road Less Travelled

Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” reminds me of the roads of the good old day where he says two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Down the memory lane were the times where roads were all pervaded with lush green forests and barren lands, places which hold the reminiscence of my childhood, places which beholds thousands of memories, places which have witnessed our remarkable journey from little children into heady teenagers. Its dour to say that “those places” are now disappearing. Increasing industrialisation and urbanisation are now coming forward, diminishing those special places which gives me so much to remember. As we turn the pages of time, let us remember that life is a miraculous journey. Memories of past could now be seen in mist. I agree its 21st century and indeed we could not afford to be lagged behind in growth and development but turning the coin is a world of etched memories. Life brings tears, smiles and these moments. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever. Today when i pass by those roads lies a hazy past suppresed under the pressure of


those big, tall buildings.The roads which were once less travelled are now occupied with apartments, multiplexes and housing societies and ironically the roads which were less travelled by, has made all the difference!


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