On a Dreamland

He was shattered into pieces as the news broke to him. His support, his pillar, his inspiration from last 19 years was now resting in peace somewhere above in heaven, watching his younger brother in pain and suffering. Ankush was missing his sleep from last 5 days, it has been 5 days since he lost his elder brother who was more of a father to him. He was in search of peace, in search of those good old days, in search of that shade which always used to protect him from anything and everything, the warmth and care of protection of his elder brother was missing, the death of whom left a permanent vacuum in his life. Sometimes,memories sneak out of our eyes and roll down our cheeks.

 He could not depart from tears, holding on to those memories made him feel more restless. Each and every remembrance was still afresh in his mind which made him cringe more and amidst all those thoughts he fell asleep that day sitting on the floor with his head resting on the bed.
 Something, unusual happened in his dream that night, which for him is impossible to forget for ages. Aman, his elder brother came one last time to meet him. He could recall it was a dark, wintry night, cool breeze was blowing swiftly and there came a shadow moving towards Ankush from behind the trees. It became difficult for him to control his sigh, he was breathing heavily. What he was seeing was pure magic, the once you see in movies.
 Aman came and sat beside Ankush and tapped his back. His touch felt like the first raindrop on a desert, thirsty since ages. The first word which Ankush could manage to utter was ‘bhai’. Aman hold his hand and told him to be quiet. His permanent and peculiar smile was still glued to his face. He further continued and said firmly to be at peace and stop worrying about things on which he had no control over. Aman reminded him that each and everything on this earth has its own purpose, on the completion of which they need to make their ways to the heaven above. Ankush was still in bewilderment and could barely speak but somehow he gathered courage and asked Aman the reason for his suicide. Aman was still staring his younger brother with eyes of warmth and love. Silence persisted and he replied that he was under the guilt of something which he could never disclose to anyone, maybe his time was over in this beautiful world. Ankush was glaring his brother with dreadful eyes and asked where would he go now to which Aman calmly replied that he has other important purpose and roles to be fulfilled in other world, where he was needed more than here. He told Ankush, to be at his best and take care of his parents. He’ll always be there with his younger brother, to guide him and encourage him. He will always be there in his memories and then, some paths are meant to be travelled alone and some people are meant to be there in your life for a experience. God take them away from your life because there roles are over and you need to travel the path on your own.
 Aman vanished gradually behind the tress and did never return. He smiled on his way back. May be, Drugs finally won that day at the cost of his life.
 Ankush woke up the other day, powerful yet benevolent.

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