Letter to my Ex

Letter to your Ex- boyfriend

Dear Ex Boyfriend,

                                  I remembered you today. Blame it on the day or the overdose of sweetness but then, I remembered you. I could recall the day when I promised myself that I would not think of you again and with that last year I promised my soul to never look back and would reorganize the scattered pieces of my heart into an integrated solid hard rock. But then, promises are meant to be broken. At least that is what you taught me, a long long time ago.

 No, I don’t miss you or may be I do sometimes but one thing is for sure, you taught me how to live life on your own and abandon honey coated lethal things in my life.

But you reminded me of the first time I realised that I was in love with you. The weakening of knees and the cranking of my neck every time to catch your glimpse . The counting of heartbeats of when you will call out my name and the extreme eruption of jealousy when you spoke to another girl for more than 4 minutes. I know, when it happened with you I was young, way too young but those sleepless nights, long rides, uncontrollable laughter, heart-whelming gifts, unreasonable tears still weigh heavy on my heart.

 And today, I am mature and heartbreaks have washed off the unreal shimmer of such feelings.

I can’t thank you enough for making me what I am today. I could now easily differentiate between glittery gold and genuine things.

I might not live that feeling again and I might not be able to reciprocate that same love again but may be someday, someone will look into my eyes freezing my gaze over the territories of a forgotten love, just to make me realise that I am still capable of loving. Of being loved. 

 Dear Ex Boyfriend, I hope you are doing well in your life and I wish you make those promises come true which were once made to me with person more loving, mature and reliable than me.

By the way, Happy Valentine’s day. For old time’s sake. And the new ones that await.

  Just heard from a mutual friend that you had been asking about me.

Your Ex girlfriend who no longer wants you in her life.

More power to you !


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