A second chance

“With choices, come chances”

and when  you least expect for something, the thing bumps into your destiny from nowhere and make place for itself. Loving someone is a hard choice and loving someone again, a harder one.

When the dark clouds hover above you and when the storms are all set to make their magnificent entry, just then a ray of sun comes out and form a beautiful rainbow. When you first see it, you get awe-struck and flustered but then it gives you enough strength and grit to embrace that beautiful rainbow in your life.

Loving for the second time teaches you that love still exists after you thought it could never again.

Those deep, beautiful conversations, those unexpected calls, those never ending talks, finally start to make sense. It is important for someone to bring you back to life just like a caterpillar in a cocoon draws her out and realise that she is a butterfly, born to fly. 

Take chances because it is not always that one shot which will hit the goal and the goal is to be yourself, to fly with vivid colours and just then you will realise why it never worked with someone else. Your choices, your regrets, your pathways and everything will ultimately lead to that beautiful rainbow because it is worth it.

Be happy because it happened. You are destined to be here at this very moment. Take chances because you will never know how absolutely great something can turn out to be and gradually the beautiful colours of the rainbow will take you too with himself and show you how beautiful the world is.

If it would have not been that person, you would have always remain inside your shell, down in the dumps but he came just like the rain visits the dry, thirsty land, awaiting for her beloved, making it bosky and budding all over again.

I remember a quote of Beau Taplin over here:

” It’s you.

It’s been you for  as long as I can remember.

Everyone else has just been another failed attempt at perfecting the art of pretending you are not.”


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